Your support to our action

Memberships, donations, volunteering

You can support our work in various ways


1. by becoming a sympathising member (contribution of CHF 20)

2. by supporting a specific project or our action in general, through a donation – donations are tax-deductible

3. by offering your services to the association

4. by joining the Kechala development site in India (volunteering).


is the essential first stage of the support we need act. It allows us to exist, to be able to claim public utility / tax exemption status, to collect funds and send them to the field. By becoming members and by contributing (20 CHF – approx. 19 EUR), you participate in your own way in our action in the service of populations in need.

1. Become a member

Become a sympathising member!

What for?
Check the recap of our action since 22 years (link to the page / pdf)

It can be done on a one-time basis or yearly

a. Recurring membership for individuals: 20 Fr.
by annual direct debit
click on >>> Recurring annual membership for individuals

b. Recurring membership for families: 30 Fr.
by annual direct debit
click on
>>> Recurring annual membership for families


Do you wish to cancel your yearly payments? Click below.

b. One-time membership >>>
use the button “donate” to the right =>
individual 20 Fr / couple 30 Fr

2. Donate

(or pay one-time membership fee)

Donations are tax-deductible!



a. Bank transfer:

Account holder: Ushagram Suisse, Carouge GE
Account number: 1454781-31
IBAN CH54 0483 5145 4781 3100 0
Clearing 4835
Adress: Ushagram Suisse, CP 138, 1211 Genève 12


b. Swiss Payment slip here (only for the Swiss!)

3. Take part in associative activities

Researching projects, setting them up, presenting them, monitoring them, preparing fundraising campaigns, looking for donors, rendering accounts, demands energy and time from. Do you want to offer your skills? In addition, making the action of the association known and keeping it alive is another aspect of our work. We need you too.

4. Volunteering in India

You can also bring your skills to Kechala development site in India and teach or even just share your knowledge or experiences with children. The experience is enriching and the children are touching and alert.
See the dedicated page.