Volunteering in India

among the tribal children of Odisha)

Your skills to the benefit of the children of Kechala!



Kechala school accommodates close to 200 children from neighboring tribal villages. They love to learn and really benefit from volunteer stays. Maybe from you?

Volunteers are accommodated and fed free of charge. They share meals with students and staff. The school has classrooms, a well-stocked library and abundant teaching materials. Depending on your skills, you can also bring your own teaching aids. It all takes place against the backdrop of a flexible, adaptive Indian culture full of unexpected resources.


How to participate?

Apart from the very young, children communicate easily in English. All skills and subjects are valued: some have taught embroidery, others theater, science, languages or sport. You can share what you love to do, including your hobbies!

Kechala is 1 hour from Koraput in Orissa state, 4 hours from the nearest airport. Due to the distance, a minimum stay of 2 weeks is recommended. The local association organizes the transfers.

Unavailable ? You can also participate in this great project by making a donation for this volunteer program.

Give meaning to your travels! Rural India is vibrant and exciting. The work done there is invaluable to the beneficiaries.
Come share the adventure!


About Ushagram

The Ushagram Suisse association supports populations by implementing with them sustainable development programs providing access to healthcare, developing sanitary solutions, access to drinking water, improving their agricultural practices. In addition, these programs also help individuals to regain their dignity and to become autonomous and self-sufficient by offering them training, which then allows them to develop gainful activities.

The Kechala school, supported since 2004, accommodates 200 children, 60 of whom are accommodated in boarding schools, in the district of Koraput, State of Orissa. The tribal population directly affected represents 800 very disadvantaged people spread over 4 villages.

“Being a volunteer in Kechala is simply magical:
the students are enthusiastic and it was easy for me to see concrete effects by helping them learn English,
math and science.”
Charles, volunteer in 2017



Interested? Any questions?

Write to: service [at] ushagram-suisse.org